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Love knows no chance, it defines destinies.


Through Linha Ícone, we pay tribute to those who marked our history and encouraged us to continue in the search for sharing the beauty of cocoa.

In 2012, the year of the diamond jubilee of the reign of Elizabeth II, we had the honor of participating in the Gala Ball of the English Red Cross, whose patroness is the Queen herself,

and to present her with a box of our most special Chocolate, Q0.

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In honor of Queen Elizabeth II we combine our chocolate with her passion for Earl Gray tea and Biscuits.


In 2018, the Carioca and Fluminense Academy of Gastronomy participated in a solemn dinner

from the Swedish Gastronomic Academy, offered by the Swedish royal couple.

On the occasion, we offered Queen Silvia a box of our most special Chocolate, Q0.

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In honor of Queen Silvia, we combine our chocolate with the Swedish passion for small wild fruits, such as blueberries.


We are passionate about the imagery of Imperial Brazil. In. The iconography of Chocolate Q arises from the enchantment with Brazilian nature, portrayed in the botanical drawings and colored canvases of the artistic and scientific expeditions made to Brazil, at the beginning of the 19th century, under the patronage of D. João VI. In 2019, we had the pleasant opportunity to present to D. Bertrand de Orléans and Bragança – member of the Imperial Family and great-grandson of Princess Isabel – our work with Brazilian cocoa.

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To celebrate our meeting with Dom Bertrand of Orléans and Bragança and the enthusiasm for this Brazil of excellence, we combined our chocolate with the national passion for cocada.


In 2013, the year of World Youth Day in the city of Rio de Janeiro,

the Aquim Family had the opportunity to serve Pope Francis at a special lunch at the city's Episcopal Palace. On that occasion, we had the honor of offering Pope Francis a box of our most special Chocolate, Q0.

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In honor of Pope Francis, we combine our chocolate with Buenos Aires' passion for Dulces de Leche.

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