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Only love knows beauty in its detail. When we love, our tendency is to seek to know everything about what we love. In this exact sense, the role of art is to take people to an ecstasy in which heart and mind unite to lovingly contemplate beauty, to perceive it in all its splendor. In the case of CHOCOLATE Q, which is part of what we call the Q Universe, beauty has a capital truth: chocolate is artistically crafted cocoa .

It is not a product or a set of products, but rather an idea – a purpose for artistic achievement whose basic concept is simple: sophistication is fidelity to nature. This principle gives shape to the entire Q Universe, which has the cocoa forest as a model, the work of rural people as a means, the care in craftsmanship as a differentiator and a manifestation of goodness and beauty as its greatest purpose. All the things materialized by this idea have a non-negotiable standard of excellence: the chocolates from the Q Collection , Chocolate Q0, the cookies from the Tropical Letters line from the Q Inspiration Collection and the delicious chocolate fruit weddings from Q Identity Line.


Discover the Q Universe and participate in this worldview.



Purity as a foundation and goal

Chocolate is a sweet made from the seeds of a tropical fruit. After being harvested, fermented, dried in the sun, peeled, crushed, it will be roasted and ground until it forms a paste, which can be called 100% chocolate. Therefore, there is no genuine chocolate without the predominance of cocoa.

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