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"The Aquins' unique story with Chocolate Q is analogous to that of so many artists who, for the love of their art, opened paths hitherto untraveled, presented the world with new contemplative horizons, changed patterns, reoriented paradigms, overcame fears and dared with enthusiasm - and, for all this, they must be considered as watersheds."

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Together, feeling and knowledge produced a flavor.

A Brazil that exudes Brazil, but talks to the whole world with a delicious naturalness.

> Roberta Sudbrack

The act of tasting good chocolate takes time (...) The quality and character of chocolate derives from many things, as Samantha Aquim will tell you.

> Professor Barry C. Smith

O Chocolate Q é um conto de Fadas.

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The Aquins reveal, through the purity of the flavor of each cocoa, the history and ideas of a land.

Thanks to this work, chocolate lovers will learn a lot. And you will love it even more.

But it was up to the Aquins (...) to give their country a chocolate identity. It is up to us, readers, to delve into this universe, from cocoa beans to tablets.

Proud to have witnessed this project from the beginning, to have seen it come to fruition, to be able to say today that we have one of the best chocolates in the world.

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Discover the story behind Chocolate Q.

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